How To Use R4 DS Revolution

R4 DS Revolution allows users to play backups of the Nintendo DS games in their collection, When a game breaks or goes missing. Users place the game files onto the micro SD card that came with the R4 DS, insert the micro SD card into the R4 ds and load the games from the R4 ds’s menu. The backups can be played just like the originals.

This is the instructions of how to use r4 ds revolution.

1. Insert the micro SD card into the micro SD card reader.

2. Plug the micro SD card reader into one of the USB ports on the computer.

3. Double-click on the micro SD card’s removable storage device icon in the “My Computer” section of the computer.

4. Download the latest firmware for the R4 ds website. Unzip the files with an unpacking program such as WinZip, WinRar or Stuffit Expander.

5. drag the file’s contents into the root directory of the micro SD card.

6. Right-click and select the “New Folder” option from the menu. Name the folder “GAMES.” The folder must be named “GAMES” in all capital letters for r4 ds to be able to locate the game files.

7. Place the backup game files into the “GAMES” folder. Eject the micro SD card reader from the computer.

8. Insert the micro SD card into the R4 ds and insert the R4 ds into the game slot on the DS.

9. Turn on the DS system. Locate the game backup you wish to play and press the “A” button to load it.

Hope you can enjoy your games with r4 ds after trying these steps.